Exclusive Gaming Content:

  • Martian Racing Federation, a stand-alone game-mode for Gaslands by Mike Hutchinson. You’ve seen Earth's worst, now witness their overlords.

  • Last Days: TIMELINES by Ash Barker, which takes the Zombie Apocalypse through time; beginning with the Old West. 

  • The Lotus Guilds of the Twilight Seat spring onto the scene in Relicblade by Sean Sutter along with downloadable assets for these new Seekers. 

  • The Beastmasters, a whole new faction for THIS IS NOT A TEST by Joseph McGuire. With complete rules for these maniac pet-owners in the Wasteland.

  • Rangers of the Watchtower, a complete mission supplement from Rangers of Shadowdeep by Joseph McCullough that reimagines the game with a fellowship. 

  • Closing thoughts from all five designers on this first volume and the state of wargaming.

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